Christopher Albanese

Comprehensive MRI, MRS and Molecular Analyses: Pten-based Prostate Cancer Models
Effect of Obesity on Prostate Cancer
Role of dietary fats in Prostate Cancer
Role of ErbB-2 and Pten in Prostate Cancer initiation and progression


 Christopher Albanese is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Oncology. He is also a member of the Division of Molecular Endocrinology, Nutrition, and Obesity and the Division of Cellular and Molecular Biology. In addition, he is a member of the Growth Regulation of Cancer Program at the Lombardi Cancer Center. Dr. Albanese's research focuses on the role of oncogenic signaling and the cyclin D1 gene in the induction and maintenance of breast, prostate, and colon cancer. At Lombardi, Dr. Albanese will continue his research into the molecular and genetic causes of cancer, the programmatic development of mouse models of human diseases, and the development of in vivo inducible gene expression technology in mice.