Eliot Rosen


Dr. Rosen was recruited to the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC)/Georgetown University in 2003, where he is currently Professor of Oncology, Biochemistry & Cell and Molecular Biology, and Radiation Medicine (Tenured). He holds the Gragnani Chair in Oncology and Radiation Biology. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the LCCC and a Co-Head of the recently created Developing Program in Prostate Cancer. Dr. Rosen is an experienced cell and molecular biologist. His major areas of interest include the function of the breast cancer susceptibility gene-1 (BRCA1), its role in cancer chemoprevention, and signal transuction pathways of scatter factor (hepatocyte growth factor) and its receptor c-Met. These studies have relevance to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and brain tumors (gliomas). 

In addition to being a research scientist, Dr. Rosen is a board-certified Radiation Oncologist and has many years of experience in the clinical management of various types of tumors, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain tumors, and other tumor types.