Prostate Cancer Monitoring Study

Kimberly Davis

Prostate cancer survivors typically have a long survivorship period and they continue to experience treatment-related side effects for months to years following treatment. We adapted a technology-assisted system assess to quality of life and symptoms in prostate cancer survivors 12–18 months post-treatment. This randomized trial seeks to compare the impact of a technology-assisted quality of life and symptom monitoring plus clinician feedback system versus usual care on patient outcomes such as quality of life, satisfaction with care and patient-provider communication. The study is being conducted with physicians and their patients at Georgetown University Medical Center and the Washington Hospital Center. 144 patients will complete two monitoring interventions 3 days prior to a follow-up visit with their physician. All patients and physicians will complete post-visit ratings after each clinic visit. All patients will complete two follow-up telephone interviews 2 and 7 months after the baseline interview.