Open Label, Single Arm Trial Of Immunotherapy With Autologous Antigen Presenting Cells

Principal Investigator: Nancy Dawson, Oncology
Disease Stage: Advanced

An open label, single arm trial of immunotherapy with autologous antigen presenting cells loaded with pa2024 (apc8015f) for subjects with objective disease progression on protocol d9902 part b.

This study is for patients who are assigned to receive APC-Placebo in the D9902B study and whose prostate cancer has since progressed and have developed disease-related pain. APC8015F is an investigational immune system treatment for prostate cancer. APC8015F uses activated antigen-presenting cells that are prepared from a patient's blood cells that were obtained during participation in the D9902B study and frozen. The frozen cells will be thawed and used to prepare APC8015F in the laboratory and then infused back into the patient's body. Antigen presenting cells are a type of white blood cells and they are important in the immune system because they teach other white blood cells (cells that fight cancer) to recognize specific markers on other cells in the body. Training white blood cells to recognize these specific markers for prostate cancer may help the immune system identify and attack the prostate cancer cells in the body.

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