Phase 3 Study Evaluating DN-101 In Combination With Docetaxel in Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer

Principal Investigator: Nancy Dawson, Oncology
Disease Stage: Advanced

This study is for men with prostate cancer who have progressed while receiving hormone therapy. This study involves treatment with the FDA approved chemotherapy drug prednisone (a medically used steroid). DN-101 is newly formulated capsule that contains high amounts of calcitrol, a naturally occurring hormone and the biologically active form of vitamin D. The natural vitamin D found in dairy products or in typical vitamin pills must be chemically changed by the liver and kidneys into calcitriol before it becomes biologically active. Calcitriol, at very low doses, is used in patients with chronic kidney failure who cannot make calcitriol from vitamin D. DN-101 contains 90 times the amount of calcitriol found in the commercially available calcitriol pill. The higher doses of calcitriol are thought to have possible anti-tumor effects or possible effects on body functions that are important when treating cancer patients.

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