Comprehensive Clinical Approach

Medicine today is compartmentalized and communication between specialties is often difficult. The Prostate Center expands patient support by including Patient Navigators on the team. The Patient Navigator guides the patient through cancer treatment, adding a human touch to what often feels like a cold and overwhelming process. Providing education materials, articulate treatment options, and information about clinical trials or family support services, the Navigator is an integral part of the Center.

Bridging the gap between all departments – from Urology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology and Clinical Trials Research – the Prostate Center houses radiologists, oncologists, surgeons, and nurse practitioners solely dedicated to prostate health.

Depending on the patient and stage of their disease, prostate specialist Nancy Dawson, MD, will recommend a multi-disciplinary approach for treatment. The Center facilitates a smooth transition between hospital departments, coordinating all aspects of a patient’s care.

The cross-functional team allows unprecedented access to cutting edge treatment options and clinical trials currently housed in different departments. Working in tandem with the Patient Navigators, this team is the patient’s link to both the clinicians and the research scientists who can optimize their cancer care experience.