Thanks to the continued progress made through medical research, there are an increasing number of surgical options available to patients. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks and the decision to proceed with surgery should be made in consultation with a physician.

When deciding to pursue surgery, Lombardi physicians recommend that patients select a surgeon who performs a large number of the same surgery each year. Research has shown that surgeons with more frequent experience tend to have better surgical outcomes with fewer complications.

The Prostate Center at Lombardi offers the following surgical services: 

There are many factors to consider before surgery should be undertaken. First and foremost, major surgery of any kind is very stressful to the body, so a full evaluation of a patient’s health must be made. Additionally, if the cancer is metastatic, and has spread beyond the immediate area of the prostate, surgery will not cure the disease. In this case, surgery may not be recommended.

Finally, there are many side effects that could result from surgery including incontinence and erectile dysfunction. While the risk of these occurring is low, it increases in older men. Each patient should evaluate for himself whether this risk is worth the potential benefits of surgery.