Genomic/Proteomic/Metabolomic Studies

The Proteomics Core is equipped to provide a broad spectrum of proteomics services to the research community. Services include technologies for the fractionation of complex protein mixtures coupled with mass spectrometry. The first challenge of proteomics is separating a complex sample into individual proteins. The average sample may contain hundreds, even thousands, of different proteins. Many of those proteins will have similar properties making simple separation techniques ineffective.

Protein separation via electrophoresis has been a staple in proteomic research for years. The Proteomics Core uses traditional 2-D gel electrophoresis for standard protein fractionation and also plans to introduce a liquid chromatography-based system. These two technologies will allow us the flexibility to work with our customers on the most appropriate technology platform for their specific samples and applications.

To learn more, visit theĀ Proteomics Core homepage.